Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fish and trips

I have always been a goal oriented person and naturally when it came to kayak fishing I developed a few goals I wanted to complete. When I decided to start Kayak fishing I wanted to catch as many different species of fish as I could and even now I never go out hunting for any specific type of fish. I have caught over 10 different species of fish since last June most on the Little Red River including Gar, Pickerel, Trout rainbow and brown, Drum, Small and Largemouth bass among others. There are many different species of fish in Arkansas and I hope to catch some new fish this year like a Walleye. Recently I have set a goal to float/fish the entire Little Red in sections from Greers Ferry Dam to the White River. There are 81 miles of river to cover in 8 sections I floated 3 of them last year and I hope to finish this summer. Someday I hope to do the same on the Buffalo River in northwest Arkansas.